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The Process

We work with our clients to identify their needs, wants, hopes, and worries. Then, we use our proven process to help them sharpen their Competitive Edge.

This means digging into our custom toolkit to help them get what they want. We use...

  • Customer Insights. Helps answer "who are your customers" and "what motivates, engages, or repels them"? This often includes but isn't limited to ~ Research. Analysis. Segmentation/Personas. Workshops and ideation for focus and direction. Clarity and "aha" insights into customer needs and motivators.

  • Strategy & Tactics. Helps answer "where should we focus" and "what tactics will get us where we want"? This might include one or more of these tools ~ Competitive, Brand, and Opportunity Maps. Identifying and Targeting "ideal" Customers. Redirecting Business Focus. Refreshing or Creating new Brand Strategy. Creating an "enemy". Flanking. How to Optimize PR and Promotion. 

  • Marketing. Helps answer "how will we meaningfully differentiate from the competition" and "what will engage our customers best"? This often includes but isn't limited to ~ Branding. Positioning. Advertising. Website design and functionality. Social Media. Engagement. Promotion. Content creation. Media Planning. Logos. Taglines.

  • Creativity and Imagination. Helps put the "wow" in strategy, tactics, and marketing by aligning originality and creativity to support and deliver the client's core messaging. This often includes but isn't limited to ~ Brainstorming. Lateral Thinking. Creative Ideation. Cross-team interaction. Graphic Design. Video. 

  • Conscious Collaboration. Helps ensure that our team and our client's team are aligned, optimized, and focused on a clearly agreed-on Outcome.

  • ALY - I have 5 iStock photos to go with this - one for each point. If they can go with their relevant point, that would be great. They are included on a Word Document with their iStock reference numbers. 

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